Tilia Rose Swim is a UK based surf apparel creating bold and adventurous designs on T-shirts and swimwear. Each piece has been composed by active women for active women as we don't see why anyone should be held back by what they wear.

Whether you're tanning poolside in Mexico or surfing barrels in Japan we've got you covered.

The current collection has been inspired by fierce animals and travelling the globe.


where it all started 

Tilia Rose Swim was created by Tilly Rand-Bell after travelling Australia and Asia . She worked in a surf shop and began to wonder why practical yet interesting swimwear wasn't seen as much in the UK.  Bored of the same patterns and colours on offer for women she questioned why men's boardies wern't the same. 


'Over the last few years I have become increasingly frustrated with the type of swimwear available for women. I find that it is often not suited to the practical demands of my activities such as surfing, rock jumping or wild swimming. Rarely does swimwear reflect who I am as a person so I have decided to do something about it and created Tilia Rose Swim'


Just real people

All of the models have a story, they all do a sport and they are all real people. No one has been made to look smaller or curvier, they have moles and bumps and bruises because we think that's pretty cool.   

We choose women on their enthusiasm and love for being active not on the way they look. All of the models are role models and not just something to show off the pieces.

Tired of hearing that there is a type of  ' bikini body'  so are we, so we are here to show you that you are all beautiful  however you choose to show it.

Tilia Rose Swim is the proud over of the foundation Women On Board read more about this here

Go to the blog to read more about each role model

~let nothing hold you back~



Every season support

Swimwear is for every season not just for summer... Going on holiday? what about the pool, maybe you love a cold water swim, or simply enjoy the comfort of a bikini under your clothes. British girls need swimwear all year round so as a company we do our best to make sure we still ride the waves, provide the swimwear and get adventuring even in the snow. We support every type of activity. Going skiing? take us with you. Be brave and jump in that ice bath or maybe you just fancy a dip in a hot tub. Whatever it is we have you covered.