Top Surfing Spots: According to the pros

Kelly slater
Tavarua. Fiji

"I fell in love with the small island of Tavarua along time ago and I go back a few times every year. It’s definitely my favourite escape and may be home to the happiest people on earth. The island has perfect waves, Restaurants is right in front of where we stay, Cloudbreak is about 2 miles away on the outer reef and if you’re paying attention there are a few secret spots that light up on the right conditions."


Stephanie Gillmore
Rocky Point in Hawaii

"A perfect left and right reef break with lots of Hawaiian power in the waves. It's sometimes challenging but mostly playful."

Nick fanning
Snapper, Qld

It really came on when the council started dredging sand out of the Tweed River and pumping it just off Snapper Rocks. The sand filled up Rainbow Bay and Greenmount and suddenly, stretching from Snapper down towards Kirra, we had Australia’s longest right. It gets ultra crowded but on a good day 10 to 20 second barrels are common.

Quincy Davis

“I love the super-glassy point breaks you get, with almost no one else in the water. You are surrounded the whole time by small islands with palms trees lining the sand, and you feel so isolated. Surfing in the islands consists of lots of long, top to bottom, right points with plenty of push. The water is so clear you can see beautiful fish underneath the whole time you're in the line-up.”


Joel Parkinson

“They are consistently good, that's why I think Taranaki is lucky because you have consistently got a lot of waves. There is never a day where it is not ridable, there is always something to get and then there's the good days."

Julian Wilson
Keramas, Bali

“With a little onshore or sideshore wind fluffing into three or four foot Keramas, I don’t think there is a more fun or more ripple wave anywhere. It can also be thrilling at six foot and offshore but I would rather take the first of the two options. You could absolutely perfect an air game if you surfed that one place every day for the rest of your life.”


“The surf culture in SoCal is so big and diverse. There is literally waves for anyone. I've been coming to California for years now and always have so much fun in the water. I can't go past Trestles! It's such a fun wave... Malibu is so iconic and special but I'm not the best long-boarder haha.”