Shall I end my business?

Okay guys so if anyone pays even the slightest attention to the Tilia Rose Swim social media accounts you will know I have been a little off lately. I have contemplated the idea to end this brand over a thousand times, I have started writing books, painting, even coming up with a new phone brand. I have been working on this business for 3 years and launched only 8 months ago, I love it and i love every single person who has supported it.

However we hit a rough patch, nothing in particular, the new design is coming out soon and its fab, magazine articles are being released and I have come up with an amazing new way this brand can be the most eco friendly it can be (coming soon)! However something wasn’t right and it felt hard to work on, scrolling on Instagram comparing it to other brands wondering if it has a place in such a saturated market. Then today i stumbled across an article that taught me something very important whether you are starting up a business, own one or might in the future, read this.

See we treat businesses very differently to relationships however this is a mistake. They are with us through thick and thin, we have alone times and we have public times, you rely on them but then you can also have time apart. If you spend too much time together you end up losing yourself however if you spend too much time apart it will fizzle out. Sometimes you grow together and sometimes you simply grow apart. You don’t work 3 years on building a relationship then 2 weeks of feeling a bit ‘off’ you call it a day. Businesses are just the same. Today I learnt something I am so pleased I have learnt, businesses go through honeymoon periods just like relationships. While this might hit some people harder than others, it’s the idea that stuff can’t be shiny and new forever.

When you start a relationship you spend all your time on fun dates, giggling, finding out new things and avoiding any serious conversations. You can ignore your friends for a little bit and not really tell anyone about this new person, however one day if you want to actually spend your life with this person this has to change. You have to learn about balance, you can’t afford to go to dinner every night and you have to tell your family about them. Now all of this is very possible to still do very happily but at one point (which is different for everyone) there will be a slump. Some people say this is when the honeymoon period is over, when you have to talk about real life and actually work on your issues.

For some people just as they hit this slump a shiny new and exciting prospect is put in front of them. They give up on years of hard work as this one just sounds a bit more fun. As the article put (link below) “New ideas are sexy specifically because you don’t understand them. That’s what makes them new. You’re not an expert so you’re not cynical or jaded. You haven’t experienced the grind required to make the idea work. You naively project all your hopes onto the idea. You’re literally optimistic because you’re uninformed. Uninformed optimism is the honeymoon phase you go through with your idea. And like all honeymoons, it comes to an end. As you begin to execute, breathlessly excited for the win that’s about to happen, the optimism gives way to something far less sexy…”

Every new and ambitious project gets harder the more you learn about the details required to make it actually work. If you really love the business you will push past this until you get back into a happy exciting place. Now this is all good but what about when you need to quit? How do you know when a business is really worth giving up? Again treat it like a relationship, if a relationship after 6 years suddenly gets self destructive, leaves you dreading everyday or puts you into huge financial debt while sitting on the sofa doing nothing, leave. There is always a way out if you really want there to be and quit before it gets more serious. I think if you see a business like a relationship you can really get to grips with when the right time is to pull the plug.

“Your unconscious mind just wants you to feel good. Too many entrepreneurs lack the self awareness to realize that their unconscious mind is seduced by dumb new ideas just because they feel better than old-but-still-good ideas. When you’re stuck in the valley of despair, your unconscious mind cries out for a return to the warm blanket of beginning something new. It wants to feel the optimism and joy that AMAZING THINGS CAN MAGICALLY HAPPEN. This is why the more an entrepreneur executes on an idea, the more tempted they are to look around and explore what other ideas could be pursued. This is why entrepreneurs get distracted by bright-shiny-objects.

Then they pick one and go back to start. They feel the heady rush of chasing a new unicorn idea: ‘This One is gonna be the big one.’ Unsuccessful entrepreneurs become trapped in this insidious cycle. Again and again they carry a new idea from optimism through to pessimism. They land in the valley. And then, they start anew with something else. All you have to do is recognize your innate human tendency to want to circle back to sexy-new ideas. And then ignore it. Push through on something you know you can make a dent in the universe with. It’s worth it. “

Read the full article here:

Good luck to you all, I can’t wait for you to be part of this brands journey its not going anywhere

Tilly x