Select: Our new idea

Over the last year of owning this brand I have pushed to make Tilia Rose Swim as environmentally friendly as I could. With compostable mailing bags and recycled stickers small steps have been made to help reduce the negative impact it will be making on the environment. The brand is very sustainable however I know I can take it a step further.

In my personal life I have made dramatic changes to support this planet but I want to make more changes to Tilia Rose Swim to really help the planet. As some of you may know we are currently in the production stage of our latest piece. This piece will be made from Econyl a fabric made from nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world. Econyl can be recycled and recreated and remolded again and again as well as being chlorine, sun-cream, oil and pilling resistant, UV protected and really really soft.


However if you have seen other brands using Econyl you will see their products are quite pricey, this is due to the simple fact that Econyl isn’t cheap. So we have an issue, do we make more expensive products which are much kinder on the environment that most people are unable to afford or do we make much cheaper products which have a more negative effect which are affordable? What if I told you you could have both.

There is a way you can have very affordable swimwear with no negative impact on the environment and still have new and exciting pieces to look forward to this summer. If you haven't guessed it by now we are talking about second hand swimwear! Here at Tilia Rose Swim very soon we are going to release our Select range, a range selected by us for you. Each piece is very cool, very unique and very affordable. We check each piece is as good as new (if we think something isn't but is still great quality we will state it) take a picture and pop it on our website. Just like our new piece it comes with a 2 week return so unlike most second hand swimwear there is no risk involved. We want you to buy the swimwear because you love it and not due to its branding therefor each piece will come with a shiny new tag in a compostable bag, good as new.


Now let's get down to the facts, while recycled swimwear is awesome nothing is as environmentally friendly as rewearing your items or someone else’s. Buying second hand massively reduces textile waste. When you buy garments that are used it stops them otherwise going into landfill, most clothes have 15-20 years of life in them however only get used on average 1-5 years before they hit landfill. As a nation we are constantly buying clothes on the back of fashion trends however by buying second hand you can always be up to date with trends while being kind to the environment. It takes approximately 1,800 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans, if clothes are reused it means that water can be used for other purposes like drinking water. And lets not forget the money that goes out of our taxes and put into cleaning and sorting landfills.

So you want to be on trend and to look your best, maybe you’re competing in a swimming competition or have a boat party coming up. While fast fashion is extremely destructive on the environment buying second hand here at Tilia Rose Swim makes all of the above possible without a long lasting effect. While you can buy from our range you can also send us unwanted swimwear that would otherwise end up in landfill. Simply order a prepaid postage package and we will send it to your address, pop your unwanted swimwear in the package and we will then check it to see if it’s right for our brand. If not don’t worry we will keep it (unless you want it back) and reuse it in other ways. We will specify what we are looking for when the range is launched and if your swimwear is a match you will receive a voucher for one of our new pieces of swimwear or simply buy one of our other pieces from our Select range! Everyone’s a winner, the world can keep spinning and you still get new swimwear without breaking the bank.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this idea. Our Select range will be live very soon so keep your eyes peeled.