Select Swim

Want affordable swimwear with no negative impact on the environment, on trend and good as new?
Well look no further as you have come to the right place.
Here at Tilia Rose Swim we have selected a range that we think you will love all created from second hand swimwear! Yay!

We get it no one wants to shift through hours of thrift shops only to find a size 4 overly worn swimming costume left. Second hand clothing can be a little ‘old’ but it is the most environmentally friendly clothing available and we are here to show you that it really can be good as new.

Each piece we select is very cool, very unique and very affordable. Once we have found or received the pieces we check it over thoroughly for any marks, rips or pulls. We then wash them all on a high temperature with an all natural bacteria removal wash. Once naturally dried each piece gets double checked and removed of any current tags (more on this later). They are then given a whole new tag and popped in the post in a compostable bag good as new. Just like our new piece’s it comes with a 2 week return so unlike most second hand swimwear there is no risk involved.

We want you to buy the swimwear because you love it and not due to its branding. The whole point of Select is to avoid fast fashion and to promote re wearing the clothes that have already been created. Branding is one of the main contributors to fast fashion and people throwing away new ‘out of fashion’ clothing. Some of our collection has the branding clearly labeled in the pieces and therefor is stated.

Each piece has been priced on how its made, what condition its in and what brand it came from. If you can’t find anything in our current collection we add stuff from size 6-20 all the time so keep popping back. Equally follow us on instagram to be the first to know about new drops!

We need you! Help us support the environment and send us your swimmers that you no longer love. Its simple just fill in our free postal package form, send the swimwear and we will give you a one off code for 20% off ALL items on our website. Please read what we are looking for above the form.

Finally we love hearing from you, let us know what you think, what we can do better and of course what type of swimwear you want to see! Are we stocking your size? Your favorite prints and colours? More bikinis? You name it and we will do our best.

(Keep reading for facts)

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Now let's get down to the facts, while recycled swimwear is awesome nothing is as environmentally friendly as rewearing your items or someone else’s. Buying second hand massively reduces textile waste. When you buy garments that are used it stops them otherwise going into landfill, most clothes have 15-20 years of life in them however only get used on average 1-5 years before they hit landfill. An estimated 10,000 items of clothing are sent to UK landfill every five minutes, equating to more than 350,000 tonnes of wearable clothes being dumped in landfill each year. Most of us own at least one pair of jeans but few know it would take approximately 14 years to drink the amount of water used to make just a single pair. As a nation we are constantly buying clothes on the back of fashion trends however by buying second hand you can always be up to date with trends while being kind to the environment. And lets not forget the money that goes out of our taxes and put into cleaning and sorting landfills.

So you want to be on trend and to look your best, maybe you’re competing in a swimming competition or have a boat party coming up. While fast fashion is extremely destructive on the environment buying second hand here at Tilia Rose Swim makes all of the above possible without a long lasting effect. While you can buy from our range you can also send us unwanted swimwear that would otherwise end up in landfill. Simply order a prepaid postage package and we will send it to your address, pop your unwanted swimwear in the package and we will then check it to see if it’s right for our brand. If not don’t worry we will keep it (unless you want it back) and reuse it in other ways. We will specify what we are looking for when the range is launched and if your swimwear is a match you will receive a voucher for one of our new pieces of swimwear or simply buy one of our other pieces from our Select range! Everyone’s a winner, the world can keep spinning and you still get new swimwear without breaking the bank.

Waste isn’t waste until we waste it