New Brand Alert! The Coconut Bee

The Coconut Bee

The Coconut Bee

Here at Tilia Rose Swim we proudly love working alongside other start-up businesses, to say starting up your business is difficult is an understatement. We know from experience the love that goes into each piece and the time that goes into the branding, we know what it's like to work till 2am and get up at 6am. We are the people who have to come home early from the beach on holiday just to reply to emails. Therefore if you have a start up brand whatever it maybe we understand and want to see you succeed. Supporting a local small brand has so many benefits to the environment and directly supports independent people. We are very happy to do a post on why you should support a local business over big consuming brands in the future.

For now we want to introduce you to a brand that contacted us a few weeks ago The Coconut Bee. A Cornish based natural skin & hair care company creating organic based products designed by and made for sea and nature lovers. With an Instagram full of beach goers and surfy hair they are the perfect small business for all your surfers out there. We have been lucky enough to test the products now for a few weeks and here we are giving you a 100% true raw and honest review.


Let's get straight to the point, if the product is no good no matter how perfect everything else is the brand wont sell. We can very happily say this is a company we are happy to associate our brand with.


First of all you need to resist temptation to eat the products as they smell SO GOOD! With ingredients like eucalyptus and sweet almond its hard to keep the products just to your skin. Each product does exactly what it says on the tin and is precisely what you expect.

Beach Break: Starting with our own personal fav, Beach Break is a thick creamy body butter made from avocado and eucalyptus. It comes in a medium sized tin perfect for fitting in your travel bag and smells like lavender. A small amount goes very far so you definitely get your money's worth of product. It's a wonderful texture and isn’t sticky at all leaving your skin smelling amazing and feeling fresh.

Surf Revival: This is a wonderful hair recovery oil full of vitamins and organic natural ingredients. Again it comes in a really good size bottle with a pump on the end making it easy to use. The oil isn't too thick and we found one pump is enough for our hair. After a salt swim this definitely sounds the part with pomegranate seed oil and caster oil it will no doubt heal your hair. Our founder personally found it left her hair a little oily but that could be due to the fact she has very straight and naturally oily hair. When someone with curly more naturally dry hair used it it left her hair feeling soft and healthy. We suggest if you have naturally oily hair to use it as a hair mask once a week overnight, if you have more dry sea damaged hair then use this product after washing your hair on the ends.

Off The Lip: These lip balms are everything we hoped. The compact little tubs fit perfectly in your bag but give more than most lip balms do. As always they smell amazing and don’t leave your lips feeling dry only a few hours after, we have found with so many products your lips get addicted and actually end up worse than before. If you pick one lip balm go for this brand, we will personally give you your money back if you don’t agree. Our fav: Avocado & Shea

Coffee and Lime Scrub: Well if you like coffee scrubs this does not disappoint! It is full to the brim with coffee and smells very yummy. You get a lot in one tin and it leaves your skin feeling as soft as a baby. Only thing is make sure you do it in the shower as this stuff is messy!



You get a lot for your money with these products, each one comes in a good sized tin and very little goes very far. With all natural ingredients and bursting with vitamins I could recommend these products to any surfer. While yes there are cheaper products they will be full of other things to bulk up their products. Support this small Cornish business and see your money go to the right places.


This brand is clearly trying very hard to be as eco friendly as possible. Everyone has to start somewhere. The lip balms are great coming in glass tins, the hair oil has a lovely little statement about being kind to fish and all the ingredients are organic and natural. As the brand expands we are sure to see more eco friendly improvements however its a very very good start.

The only issue we found is the brand can’t state all the products are vegan, they are not tested on animals nor do they have any meat or dairy in them, however a few of the products do use beeswax. While this isn’t a problem for most people it's a good thing to state for people who are vegans. This being said the brand are very honest about their ingredients and would be happy for you to message them and ask about ingredients, the hair oil for example is completely vegan so don’t be put off the brand if you don’t want to use beeswax.


The Coconut Bee is a sweet smelling, all natural, get-a-lot-for-your-money local brand with good core values and a inspiring social media account. I would like to see their products all in more eco friendly packaging (the stickers, bottle ect) however I think this will come as the brand expands and we are all very excited to see what they will produce in the future. They are also not that easy to find online, its best to find them on Facebook or Instagram and follow the link from there. We have made it really easy for you and linked the website below.

To all surfers out there this is a brand for you!