Being environmentally friendly

We care a lot about the environment and therefor are part of a positive process that is attempting to clean up our seas.
As a swimmers, surfers, and just general beach goers plastic pollution is something we witness everyday on our beaches.


Our collection is very small for a reason. By introducing pieces at a slower more sustainable rate its much kinder to the environment and the people who make them.  We can also focus on each design making them the best they can be! The stock will grow just at a slower pace. Our factory is a fair trade, ethically verified factory which provides healthy, safe working space, good living wage, no forced labour and complete transparency.
Fast fashion is damaging the environment at an alarming rate, this is why we don’t slash our prices right down or get rid of stock once the season is over, we love our pieces and each one has been made to last.


 We use recycled and sustainable materials wherever we can. All of our products come with a set of stickers made from recycled plastic and come in pretty biodegradable, compostable bags (including the tape) so even if they end up in the wrong bin they are still doing the right thing!

All of our pieces have been digitally printed with non-toxic inks saving water and energy. It leaves very little room for error meaning there is no waste and each piece is printed on after the shapes have been cut!

New collection

This year we are producing a new piece made from old fishnets and plastic washed up on the beach. We also have our Select range which will be coming out in May 2019, a fully environmentally friendly range picked for you!