Pack Me Up

 Please fill in the form for your free compostable postal package
1. Make sure your swimwear is clean
2. Put your swimwear along with your name and email address in the free postage bag provided
If you forget drop us an email with a description of the piece you sent
3. Once we have received your piece we will then send you an email with a one off voucher code giving you 20% off all swimwear (new and select)
This must be used within 6 months

Please understand that if your swimwear isn’t clean, is damaged or doesn’t fit the brand image we won’t accept it. Only accepted swimwear will be swapped for a voucher.
If your swimwear inst selected you can request for a free return or we will make sure it is cared for in the more environmentally friendly way.

All sizes of swimwear welcome
Thank you!

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